Aminia Golpark Facts

Located near Golpark Post Office, Aminia in Ballygunge Gardens is an easy-to-find restaurant.

When was it inaugurated: in Early 90s

How long its been in service:about 3 decades

Common customers:South Kolkata, one who prefer fine dining

Famous for: Biryani, Mutton and chicken Chap, Aminia special Mutton curry, mutton pasinda kebab and kesar Firni

Number of staff members: appx 60



If you coming from gariahat... just take a right(almost a u turn) at golpark crossing and you are there Overall service was quite prompt.

Aritra Sur

Good food, excellent ambience and very cooperative staff. Strongly recommended

Munmun Mukherjee

It's a very clean place and located very conveniently. Food is to die for. They hav been around for decades and they know what they are doing!

Shreyanjana Bhattacherjee

Amazing food! Aminia is a class act and a gastronimical delight. A must-visit place for fans of biryani and Nawab/Mughlai food.

Sagnik Chakraborty

I remember I was travelling back home from office feeling very hungry and since it takes about an hour for me to reach home I decided to visit any restaurant that was closest to me.

Azam's Apple

Aminia jessore road is located near my best friends house. It has never happened that i visited his house and came back home without ordering biryani from aminia. It is just one of a kind!!!


I went to aminia Behala with my friends for my birthday treat. Since everyone of them is a biryani freak I ordered aminia special biryani for all of them.

Soumyojyoti Majumdar

Aminia new market is more like a heritage. When it comes to mughlai food there is no other restaurant in kolkata better than aminia. From chicken biryani to firni they ace in every dish they make!

Subhrodeep Das

Aminia golpark located near golpark post office has been around in business since 3 decades. I remember coming here with my father when I was in my teenage.

Nikhil Sethia

I literally love the way aminia shyambazar makes chicken kebabs! whenever I visit kolkata I make sure that I visit aminia atleast once to cherish their delicious kebabs!

Darshita Pitsara

Aminia serampore just opened in 2018 and it has already made its mark. We are in love with it. It really has the authentic Aminia restaurant's essence that makes it so special!

Priya Mehta