SINCE 1929

The first outlet was started in 1929 in Kolkata, selling the famous Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow. The family grew and the second generation of the family choose to expand the family business looking at the growing demand for Awadhi/Mughlai food in the city.

our story

The first outlet was brought into existence in 1929 in Zakaria Street serving the famous Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow. Today, Aminia, is being run by its third and fourth generation. Aminia, being a legacy of 90 years, has been profoundly emphasizing on its taste and aromatic chemistry of the spices that blend in perfectly. Besides this, Aminia has its butchery to make sure that only fresh and hand-picked meat is being consumed by our clientele.

Aminia believes in societal welfare and philanthropic orientations. We are an active supporter of Tiljala SHED and also contribute to many old age homes and orphanages. Also, the paintings displayed in the Rajarhat and Behala outlet are done by the children from NGOs.

" We also have bagged many food-awards and recognition for delectable and persistent cuisine. "

mission & vision

The mission is to take Calcutta biryani and it’s experience everywhere. We are one of the oldest Mughlai/Awadhi food joints of Kolkata. So, it will be a pleasure for us to serve the authentic flavours from Aminia’s kitchen And it’s dinning experience to every possible place

Our vision has always been and will be to provide a better dining experience at an affordable price. We always put our full effort to give our customers high-quality dining experience in terms of ambience, food, and service.